Our Applications

Water extraction from ground, lake and river

Over 10,000 submersible pumps sold in the last 15 years, for water supply applications, agriculture, animal husbandry, concrete plants, domestic customers. Among our beneficiaries are municipal and county drinking water supply and distribution companies, such as Brasov, Satu Mare, Iasi, Buzau, Neamt and Bacau.

Drinking water pumps and systems

Our block, extended shaft, or self-priming, conventional, horizontal and vertical pumps are used in thousands of potable water supply and distribution applications. The range of pumps is authorized by WRAS or ACS for the circulation of drinking water, and some models have SANITARY NOTICE issued by Romanian INSP.

Municipal drainage and sewage pum

Our submersible wastewater pumps, which equip Municipal Pumping Stations, are robust and reliable, suitable for the heaviest applications. Among our important supplies are stations for sewage networks with more than 5 SPAUs, most of them with 12-15 stations. Some of our works from the last 7 years are in the city of Magurele, in the commune of Galgau-Salaj, the villages of Aciliu-Amnas-Mag that belong to the town of Saliste in the county of Sibiu, the commune of Iclanzel-Mures.

Booster set pump systems

Our booster sets are equipped with 2-5 horizontal or vertical pumps, with fixed or variable speed. These are usually for supply water to localities, neighborhoods or residential buildings. The groups can be equipped with usual distributors and fittings, or completely made of stainless steel.

Fire fighting sets for Hydrant, Sprinkler application

We supply pumping groups for indoor and outdoor hydrants and EN12845 compliant groups for fire fighting systems with sprinklers. The fire fighting sets are configured from modules with electrically operated pumps, or with diesel or gasoline engines. Our range is from the smallest powers of 3-4 kW up to powers of 200 kW. Numerous buildings and industrial halls are equipped with our systems, such as Tursib Sibiu, DAW Benta Mures, Tomek Mures, All Colors Mures, BMT Iasi.

Circulators for heating and venting systems

Our IN LINE type pumps equip the rooms of thermal power plants, but also the preparation and distribution of cooling-air conditioning water in buildings. We supply variable speed pumps equipped with a frequency converter as well as fixed speed pumps with pumped water temperatures up to 130C.

Split case and vertical line shaft pumps for Agriculture Irrigation systems

We supply pumps for the renewal of pumping stations at OUAI and ANIF Agricultural irrigation systems. Most of these pumps are horizontal double-flow split case type with surface mounting and additional priming pump, but also vertical pumps with submerged rod and dry motor. The power range delivered is between 45 and 200 kW, but we are able to deliver larger powers also. The most important of our supplies are for OUAI are Scanteia, Stefan Cel Mare, Condrea, Tudor Vladimirescu, Maxineni.

Industrial and powerplants applications

The most common industrial applications are in thermal power plants and hydropower plants. Large horizontal multistage pumps are suitable for secondary condensation circuits. We have supplyed such applications with pumps equipped with 400-900 kW motors powered at 6000V for over 7 years, with flawless operation. Among other applications are submerged rod pumps for domestic water. These are usually with 3-15 kW motors.

Automation systems

For various applications, especially with submersible pumps, we use electronic, electromechanical control panels, with or without VFD, for one or 2 pumps. There is also the option of mounting in the double housing, to achieve the degree of protection IP65.

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